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Armagentum Mond Masker Zwart with Swarovski Crystals

Armagentum Mond Masker Zwart with Swarovski Crystals

Mouth & nose mask with SILVADUR ™ inlay inside.

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Mouth & nose mask with SILVADUR ™ inlay inside.
Exterior made from an antibacterial cotton blend. Ideal, secure fit thanks to the rounded central seam with stitched and turned edge bindings for the perfect sit and size adjustability, double stitched.
All models are washable at 60 degrees.

Antmicrobial SILVADUR™ insert The antimicrobial SILVADUR ™ technology is a polymer-containing silver technology which emits silver ions when organisms form or land on a treated surface. These ions are released continuously to safely kill off the microbes which cause smell and material decomposition.
High level of antimicrobial performance
Exceptional wash resistance
The antimicrobial effect of SILVADUR ™ products plays an active role in achieving comprehensive hygiene functionality
Although the active ingredients used in the SILVADUR ™ products generally have an effect on viruses, the effectiveness of SILVADUR ™ products on
SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) has not yet been conclusively proven.

Product information about the materials used:
The product can be washed at 60°C. It will retain its shape and effectiveness. The basic material used is refined with zinc oxide of pharmaceutical quality.
This refinement was added because various studies show that it has a strong antibacterial effect. The material is also produced in a resource-saving and sustainable manner. The mouth and nose protection is biodegradable without the insert. The mouth and nose masks are produced in the lakes region of Upper Austria.
All of the Armargentum products are certified in accordance with Ökotex standard 100. This standard means: the textiles are free from any harmful substances. This includes both substances prohibited by law as well as other non-regulated chemicals which can be harmful to health such as pesticides. A skin-friendly
pH value and colour fastness are also ensured. Every conceivable way in which the contaminant can enter the body has been taken into consideration and checked: via the skin, mouth or airways.
Currently, no conclusion can be drawn as to the any additional antiviral effect on Covid-19. The study results are not yet available.


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Maril - 01-07-2020 16:03

Erg fijn mondmasker, het ademen is prettig en het is licht draagbaar, alleen het strikken aan de achterkant vind ik minder. Ik vind het prettiger als het achter de oren kan.

Jeannette - 16-06-2020 18:27

Super fijn mondmasker met oortjes die jezelf strakker kan zetten en niet zo benauwd als de andere die ik heb.
Ik denk veel fijner met warm weer.
Bedankt voor deze fijne aankoop en hij is prachtig.

Jolanda - 15-06-2020 13:56

Erg fijn mondmasker,
Geen standaard 'oorstukjes' maar die zijn makkelijk aan je eigen behoefte aan te passen en daarom altijd comfortabel zitten en niet knellen.

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