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#LVS Distributors

BiBi's Beauty & Supplies is the global supplier for the very extensive LoveNess line.
This brand has been passionately marketed by nail stylists, for nail stylists. Thus, 100% knowledge and professionalism can be played on the wishes of the customer.

For Belgium we are looking for distributors in Wallonia.

For this innovative and high-quality trendy brand, we are looking for enthusiastic distributors and trainers worldwide to expand our team.

To become a distributor we use a solid selection.
Experience as a teacher / distributor is an advantage, as is the availability of a retail building and training space.

For more info; or (+31) (0) 165 - 85 60 30

BiBi's Beauty & Supplies is world's main supplier for the most loving and high - quality brand 'LoveNess'.
LoveNess was launched in October 2016 with the purpose of renewing the market.
The vision to renew the market was, and still is very clear.
Important strategy plans that brought us to where we are now:
• Launching High-Quality products
• Listening to the needs from Nail Techs
• Being an approachable brand
• Helping customers wherever you can when they need you
• Offering the best service
We pride ourselves on consistently developing revolutionary products that encourage nail artists to push the envelope and
explore new levels of creativity through their own personal artistry.

For this innovative and high-quality brand, we are looking worldwide for enthusiastic distributors and trainers to expand our team.
Are you willing to invest in your wholesale?
Do you recognize yourself;
Are you a professional? Do you have the abbility to educate with the most exclusive, high-quality and innovative brand?

We are looking for distributors all arround the world!
We are very happy to welcome you!


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BiBi's Beauty & Supplies
A: Spectrum 40, 4706 NM Roosendaal, The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 165 85 60 30


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