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Who are we?

Bargje Boudens (BiBi) is the founder of BiBi's Beauty & Supplies.
She has been working as a nail stylist since 1998 and trained as a Global Educator in 2004. She has visited trade fairs worldwide and trained both stylists and teachers at a high level. Some of the countries that she visited for trainings are Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, China and of course the entire BeNeLux.
In both 2018 and 2019, LoveNess has achieved no less than 13 Readers Choice Awards!

Because of the many requests for training in both the Netherlands and Belgium, she has chosen not to travel anymore. This offers you the opportunity to learn in all areas related to beauty related training and products everything that she has accumulated over the past 18 years to become a true professional.
Since September 2016, she has launched the trendy brand 'LoveNess', which has since become an internationally established professional brand and is expanding and qualifying monthly to become one of the larger players in the market.

The supporting and indispensable pivot in the company is Stefan Konings.
Stefan takes care of the import and export of goods and ensures the quality guarantee within the company.

Name: Veronique Verhoeven (28)
Function: All-round employee at BiBi Beauty & Supplies for 32 hours and has her own salon, Nail Stylist Veronique, where she does nails, lash lifts and waxing.
Nail artist since: 2016.
Likes: Structure and arranging things.
Ambition: A well-running salon where she can offer everything she likes.
Favorite LoveNess product: Rubberbase Clear; the options are fantastic.
Nice to know: Veronique has been with her boyfriend since 2009 and has been allowed to call him her husband since 2016. She has 2 cats who are her everything; she is a true catlady and a great animal lover.

Natasja Nuijten can be found in our wholesale every Monday and Tuesday. She will assist you with advice and action where necessary!

Name: Sudha Nanhoe (36)
Function: Part-time Educator at BiBi’s Beauty & Supplies and has its own salon.
Nail artist since: 2011.
Likes: Passing on knowledge and learning new techniques.
Ambition: Sudha wants to help make the LoveNess brand even bigger internationally and then wants to travel the world to provide training, workshops and lessons.
Nice to know: In her spare time, Sudha goes to the gym with her husband as much as possible or they go out to dinner with friends and family.

Klaudia Palat is our warehouse employee. She ensures that all your orders are sent to you! In addition, she helps out where necessary and is therefore a real jack-of-all-trades.

Name: Nancy Janssen
Function: Freelance LoveNess International Nail Educator, has its own beauty salon and education center, Attitude, and provides training in nail art and nail styling.
Nail artist since: 2010.
Likes: Nancy is infected with the nail virus; she lives and breathes nails. She is always on the move and often takes part in nail competitions.
Motto: If you think you can do it better yourself, then you have to do it yourself.
Ambition: Lift the nail compartment to a higher level and get the most out of themselves and other stylists.
Favorite LoveNess product: It is one big candy store.
Nice to know: Nancy has 2 kids and a four-legged friend. She loves festivals and is always creative, mostly with nails.

Ilse Vos is a known artist and brings out the best in you. Ilse is a great coach and can regularly be found behind the scenes as an international jury member.
She provides the higher level nail art lessons and already knows how to go through a product with one brush, what you can and cannot do with it.
Ilse is also the coach where you need to be for perfect guidance to perform on the competition floor at your nail art competitions.
Do you want to be coached? Then be sure to take part in her training and express your ideas so that she can support you 100%.

Ramona de Weert is a well-known vlogster on YouTube. She knows everything about combining products to arrive at the most original nails.

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BiBi's Beauty & Supplies
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T: +31 (0) 165 85 60 30
M: info@bibisbeautysupplies.com


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