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Gel Polish by #LVS | 031 Desert Sage 15ml
Beautiful Taupe gel polish.
Gel Polish by #LVS | 035 Oak Buff 15ml
Beautiful Romantic Brown gel polish.
Gel Polish by #LVS | 039 Symphony 15ml
Sexy deep red, beautifully opaque gel polish.
Gel Polish by #LVS | 091 Laugh Often 15ml
Beautiful timeless colour which you can combine with several other colours!
Gel Polish by #LVS | 110 Glow 15ml
This beautiful, deep mauve with shimmer will make you glow completely!
Gel Polish by #LVS | 126 Pink Sunbutter
Which woman doesn't like a sweet pink color with a nice shimmer!
Gel Polish by #LVS | 130 Pink Martini 15ml
PINK!! With a golden shimmer.
Gel Polish by #LVS | 131 Sex on the Beach 15ml
When you love shimmer & pink in the summer! Or just every girlisch day
Gel Polish by #LVS | 147 Aria 15ml
Aria is a tree from Northern England that, when it unfolds its leaves, appears to form beautiful magnolia flowers.
Gel Polish by #LVS | 152 Sugar Lips 15ml
Sugar Lips is the ultimate pink color for the pink ladies!
Gel Polish by #LVS | 153 True Love 15ml
True Love is in color between 'Honeybunch' & 'Sugar Lips'. This beautiful color contains rose gold, lilac & a pink shimmer, depending on the light.
Gel Polish by #LVS | Temptation 15ml
A fresh, bright red colour with an intense shimmer.

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