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General conditions training

1. The registration is final when you have paid the invoice with the registration fee.

2. Once you have registered for a course you will receive an email with the above and below mentioned conditions.

3. After registration you have a reflection period of 14 days. For registrations within 14 days, the reflection period expires and you are therefore not entitled to this.

4. Training is subject to change, with too few participants we reserve the right to cancel training.

5. Training must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to the start of training in order to retain the right to a refund.

6. No refund is possible when booking training courses from external teachers.

7. If you register for a course, you must immediately pay the determined amount. If this does not work, payment can be made in installments, the final installment must be paid two weeks before the start of the training.

8. The duration of the contract relates to the lesson plan.

9. The ownership of the course material rests with the institute.

10. If you are following a course with us, you are required to complete the evaluation form about the course and the teacher truthfully afterwards.

11. We handle confidential information with care, this is also expected of you as the other party.

12. You are required to sign the agreement as a student in the reference work (manual).

13. The reference work may not be copied or passed on to Third Parties. If you do not comply with this, you may be fined.

14. In the Anatomy & Pathology course you are required to participate in the theoretical E-Learning component. If you are not in possession of a computer or laptop, we will look together for another opportunity to participate.

15. A great deal of care and time is spent on our training courses. The courses are based on years of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of international teachers.
Every year our teachers follow both educator training and specialization training so that you are sure of all new trends and techniques.

16. With a Nail Styling Professional Training (gel and / or acrylic) you need the Basic and Advanced lessons

17. Before you take an exam, you have the option to take a test exam first. This is optional and therefore not mandatory.

18. The exam assessments are in the hands of independent Third Parties.

19. Exams can be retaken indefinitely and we will provide additional support where necessary.

20. Certificates are issued. It is not a recognized industry.

If you have any questions about the above conditions, we would like to hear from you.

BiBi's Beauty & Supplies is registered in the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO)
as a recognized and audited educational institution for education.


BiBi's Beauty & Supplies
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