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Professional products / wholesaler
 Private and ordered anyway
 Why can I just order?
 Sales to private individuals?
Gel Polish by #LVS
 How do I safely remove my gel polish?
 Q: Does Gel Polish by #LVS need to be used with a Base Coat?
 Q: Does Gel Polish by #LVS need a Top Coat?
 Q: How long does Gel Polish by #LVS last?
 Q: How do you remove Gel Polish by #LVS?
 Q: Does Gel Polish by #LVS cause any damage to the natural nail during application?
 Q: Can Gel Polish by #LVS be used over traditional gel or acrylic?
Rubberbase & Brush on Fiber by #LVS
 How do I safely remove my Rubberbase or Brush on Fiber gel?
 Does Rubberbase or Brush on Fiber still need an extra bonding layer?
RevoGel 2.0 by #LVS
 How do I safely remove my RevoGel 2.0?
 Why doesn't my product cure completely?
 Can I elongate directly with RevoGel 2.0 Cover Pink or White?
 Which RevoGel colors are suitable for Babyboom?
 Which adhesion product do I use for RevoGel 2.0?
Liquid & Powder by #LVS
 How do I safely remove my acrylic nails?
(M)SDS Sheets
 Q: Do I need an (M)SDS sheet to go to the doctor?
Lifting / air under artificial product
 Can I use glue to get rid of the lifting / air?
 Corona - My salon is closed but my client is having lifting problems.
 Q: Is there a minimum order amount?
 Q: Are discounts valid on all products at all times?
Opleidingen vs. COVID19
 Can there be artificial products on my nails?
 Do I have to wear gloves?
 Do I have to wash my hands?
 My training has been rescheduled, can I participate on the next scheduled day?
 Do I need to bring lunch?
Products on the website / marketing
 My actual color differs from promotional material or the color on the website.

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