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Armagentum Mond Masker
Mouth & nose mask with SILVADUR ™ inlay inside.
Armagentum Mond Masker Zwart with Swarovski Crystals
Mouth & nose mask with SILVADUR ™ inlay inside.
Barbicide Desinfection
Barbicide is the solution for hygienic cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing your tools, instruments, sinks and other surfaces in your salon.
Barbicide Disinfection Bottle Stainless Stainless Steel Immersion
With Barbicide concentrate you not only work hygienically, thanks to the Barbicide blue and the Barbicide flasks, your store becomes a model of safety in everything and for everyone.
Barbicide Hands Hygiene Spray
Barbicide Hands Hygiene for effectively cleaning your hands before every treatment. For use in the Hairdressing Salon, Nail Salon, Pedicure Salon, Solarium, Fitness Studio, Schools etc.
Barbicide Hygienic Cleaningspray 1000ML
Barbicide Hygienic Cleaningspray is specially for the hygiene of instruments, but also very useful for keeping surfaces hygienically safe.
Comforties Easyglide & Grip Soft Nitril Black
Comforties Soft Nitrile Easyglide & grip Gloves are featured with an innovative inside coating. This coating makes it easy to 'slide' in your gloves, also when your hands are soggy or wet.
Comforties Mouth masks Type IIR 3-layer 50 pieces White
The new Comforties Type IIR 3-layer masks are now even more pleasant to wear. Not only does the soft material feel comfortable against the skin, but the ear elastics.
L&R Celstof Dispencer
Cellular dust deppers dispenser from Lohmann & Rauscher for filling with rolled cellular dust deppers. Thanks to the transparent material, the filling level can be checked at a glance.
Promed Cleaning Brush Brass
The tool to clean your bits.
Promed Ultrasonic UC 50
Promed UC - 50 Ultrasonic cleaning device for professional cleaning of your tools.
Protective Mouth Masks Blue 50pcs
3-layer mouth caps to protect the respiratory tract.
Protective Mouth/Nose Masks Black 50pcs
3-layer mouth caps to protect the respiratory tract.
Sani Fresh by #LVS
Sani Fresh by #LVS is a cleaning product based on 75% isopropyl alcohol.
Ship-Shape saloncleaner
The professional salon cleaner.
Xiaoda Automatische Watersensor
Maak van je huidige kraan een volledig automatische, Hygiënische en waterbesparende kraan!

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