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IBX is a New & Revolutionary two-part system that serves to repair damaged nails and to make natural nails stronger.

IBX can be used under all non-gelable gel products to protect the natural nail. IBX can also be used to make natural nails stronger so that naturally weak nails can get long without applying an artificial nail!

IBX is the only one of its kind! This penetrating and reinforcing system works inside the nail instead of on top. IBX is cured with LED or UV light and forms a network in the upper layers of the nail that connects these layers together.

The result is a firmer and flexible nail. A nail that can be long without applying a top coat, but is also protected against the potentially harmful effects of regularly removing gel.


Famous Names - IBX BOOST Base & Soakable Gel Kit
Perfect for strengthening and a minimal extension of the nail.
Famous Names - IBX BOOST Gel
Perfection over the top.
Famous Names - IBX BOOST High Shine Top Coat 15ml
Creating a universal durable high gloss topcoat that can be used over IBX Boost, Gel Polish, Gellak, Hard & Soft Gels.
IBX Repair 7,4ml
IBX is a new and revolutionary two-part system.
IBX Strengthen 10,4ml
IBX is a new and revolutionary two-part system.
IBX System Duo Pack
IBX System Duo Pack Repair & IBX.
IBX System Mini Pack
IBX System Duo Pack Repair & IBX with free mini Dadi'Oil.
IBX Training
IBX™ is een revolutionair tweedelig systeem, dat IN de nagel werkt. Het herstelt beschadigde nagels, verstevigd slappe en dunne nagels en beschermd natuurlijke nagels onder ieder Soak off Gels
IBX Training Starterspakket
THE starter package for your IBX treatments.
Osram Reflector Gloeilamp 60W
Replacement lamp for the heat source.

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