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La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml

La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml
La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml
La Petite Gel Polish by #LVS | LP004 Honey Dew 7ml
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Beautiful mauve Gel Polish color.

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Beautiful mauve Gel Polish color.

The wide and trendy color palette of La Petite ensures that you as a nail professional can always offer the right color.
Even the pastel shades cover easily, so you can always work in beautiful, thin layers.
By putting together collections, you never have to think about the right color combination.
The bottles are of course also available separately.
Due to the content of 7ml, the bottles are attractive in terms of purchase and you do not waste any product.
Thanks to the great formula, the product is easy to soak off.

Specifications & benefits:
  • Perfect coverage
  • Simple application
  • Apply thinly
  • Easy to soak off
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Available in a 7ml bottle
  • No damage to the natural nails
  • Stays beautiful for up to 4 weeks
  • Does not shrink
  • Odorless
  • Available in a collection as well as per piece
  • Trendy colors • HEMA free
  • Cure 30sec LED / 120sec UV

  1. Nail technician and customer wash their hands first
  2. Nail technician and customer use Sani Fresh by #LVS to exclude a number of bacteria.
  3. If a customer wears nail polish, remove it first, this can be done with Soak Off by #LVS or Cinnatize.
  4. Look closely at the nails you have in front of you. Whether it is a customer who comes for the first or the tenth time. If everything looks good, you can proceed to the next step.
  5. Gently push back the cuticles. You do this with a metal goat's leg or the curette, be careful with this by keeping the goat's leg/curette flat.
  6. Remove the transparent cuticle membrane (the cuticle) with the sharp side of your cuticle pusher/curette. Do not scrape the natural nail, just carefully remove the membrane!
  7. File the nail shorter if necessary. When it comes to the natural nail, take a file of 180 grit or higher, so very fine. If it already has acrylic or gel on it, you can use a file of 100 grit or higher (we recommend a maximum of 150 grit). Keep in mind that gel files away much faster than acrylic.
  8. While you are trimming the nail, if there is already product on it, you can file the shape according to the steps as prescribed.
  9. Remove the dust with a disinfected manicure brush and make sure that absolutely no dust is left on the nail.
  10. Remove grease and oil from the natural nail. Use Cinnatize for this (Note! This step is not sufficient for every customer. If desired, buff the nail lightly with the Suprême Buffer 180 gritt). We prefer not to buff on the natural nail because of the damage. thinning the natural nail plate, but sometimes a customer still needs this. If there is already product on it, first start by filing the nails thinly.
  11. Apply a thin layer of Soak Off Base gel and cure.
  12. Optional: remove the 'wet' layer of the Soak Off Base Gel with a clean gel brush to make the color smooth and easier to apply.
  13. Apply and cure desired color, repeat this step one more time.
  14. Apply Soak Off Intense Top Gel over the entire shade and cure.

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