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LoveNess | Love 2 Sugar 19 5gr
LoveNess | Love 2 Sugar 19 5gr
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Super fine powder to use as glitter and perfect as Sugaring! Colour: green

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There are various options for applying the Sugar glitter with various super cool effects!
We are happy to help you with the step-by-step plans below.

Create the Sugar effect:
Apply your gel polish as usual with a color of your choice and cure it (Paint gel by #LVS is also very suitable for this and you also need to cure).
If you want a Sugar effect, apply after curing your gel polish Power Seal by #LVS or Rubber Base Clear by #LVSS (use the product that you feel comfortable with). Apply the sugaring over the uncured Power Seal by #LVS or Rubber Base Clear by #LVS and cure it twice the cure time.
The double curing time is necessary because you apply a layer of pigmented glitter over the gel, making the gel more difficult to cure. Make sure that the Sugar layer is not applied extremely thickly.

Gently brush excess glitter with a soft manicure brush.

Create a mermaid effect:
Apply your gel polish and cure for 10 seconds. spend less time in your UV/LED lamp than the prescribed time of 30sec, or, 1.5 minutes instead of 2 minutes in your UV lamp.
Apply the desired Sugar color to the gel polish layer with the Glitter Brush (note: Sugar Deluxe is coarser, these are not suitable for this application).
Cure another 30sec. in your UV / LED lamp, or 2 min. In your UV lamp.

Apply a flexible top gel such as Flexy Ultra Shine, Power Seal,
Rubber Top, Base/Top Gel or Supreme Matt by #LVS.

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