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imix mixer magnets pack

imix mixer magnets pack
imix mixer magnets pack
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Set of magnetic mixers for the imix.
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Set of magnetic mixers for the imix.
What is the imix?
imix mixes all gel polish and nail polish based on magnetic technique. imix is ​​very easy to use, makes little noise, only air bubbles, ensures an even brew without color difference and above all. imix is ​​a small, sleek and stylish device with 12 changing LED colors, which is a striking addition to any nail salon. imix comes with 10 miXers, a miXtractor and a 1.5m USB cable. How do you use the imix? Drop a miXer into a bottle of gel polish or nail polish, screw the cap back on the bottle, place it on the imix, turn it on and watch the gel or polish regain its color.

How do I put the miXer in the bottle?
You just drop the miXer into the opened bottle.

Do I leave the miXer in the bottle?
Yes, you leave the miXer in the bottle until it is empty. What do I do when the bottle is empty? When it is empty, take the miXer out of the bottle with the help of the miXtractor and clean the miXer or put it in a new bottle of the same color.

What is the influence of pellets on the imix?
Many gels and lacquers contain pellets for mixing. These have no influence on the imix and can remain in the bottle.

What if pellets come with the miXer?
If you take the miXer out of a bottle, the pellets can come along. That is not a problem at all. You can put the pellets back in the bottle.

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Petra - 04-11-2021 10:21

Voor mij geen leven meer zonder Imix, zo’n verschil met lakken

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